How to Obtain Permission

From Journals

Check the journal's website, if there is one. It may provide one or more of the following:

  • Advance permission for specific uses.
  • Advance permission to journal authors who have signed over copyright
  • Information on how to request permission
  • Information on uses that are specifically prohibited

If permission to use copyrighted material in a thesis is given on a website, print out the web page that states this and keep it with your records.

Contact the Copyright Holder

Include the following information in your request.

Introduce yourself clearly

Tell the copyright holder that you are a graduate student preparing a thesis or dissertation for submission as part of the requirements for your degree at UBC.

Identify the work you are seeking permission to use

Give standard reference information for the work, including figure/table number, if any, and page numbers. You can briefly describe the context in which you propose to use the work in your thesis.

Tell the copyright holder:

  • that your thesis will be available in the UBC Library's electronic collection and will be available online to the public, and
  • that you will be granting non-exclusive licences to the UBC Library and to Library and Archives Canada. Send the copyright holder copies of these licence agreements.

UBC Thesis Licence Agreement

Library and Archives Canada Theses Non-exclusive Licence

Ask for specific action

  • Request a reply by a given date.
  • Offer to send the copyright holder a copy of your completed work.

Keep copies

  • Keep copies of request letters and all correspondence.
  • Keep emails.