Doctoral Dissertations Pre-Review

The format of doctoral dissertations must be reviewed and approved by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies prior to submission for external examination. The dissertation must be complete and ready (except for very minor text changes) to send to the external examiner.

If your dissertation is too large for you to send by email, please send using FTP, Dropbox, or similar file transfer system.

We will respond by email.

  • Make any needed changes
  • Receive an email of approval. This email will specifically mention that your dissertation is approved for transmission to the external examiner. Please do not print your dissertation until you have this email.
  • Submit printout of email with the examination copies of your dissertation

It is your responsibility to submit your dissertation for review in advance of deadlines in order to to allow yourself time to make changes if necessary.

NOTE: Please do not submit your thesis to cIRcle for this review.

Submitting the Dissertation for External Examination has more information on submission requirements.