Business Administration

The 9-month Master of Management (MM) at UBC Sauder's Robert H. Lee Graduate School is for university graduates with non-business undergraduate degrees. Whatever your degree - from math to music - this is an opportunity to gain the business skills needed to impress today's employers and gain an edge in a competitive job market.

The 12-month UBC Master in Business Analytics (MBAN) is about much more than technical know-how. It captures the full analytics spectrum, including data management, data analytics, and decision analytics. You will learn how to make strategically sound recommendations and data-driven business decisions—exactly what cutting-edge companies around the world need.

The 16-month, full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at UBC Sauder's Robert H. Lee Graduate School is an opportunity for high-achieving, ambitious professionals to take their career to the next level.


Faculty Members in Business Administration

Name Research Interests
Lo, Kin financial reports; financial disclosures; financial statements; accounting; stock options; executive compensation; auditing; stock valuation; securities regulation; tax planning; tax policy, Empirical research in financial accounting and reporting, Investigating the motives and effects of voluntary disclosures, The effects of alternative regulated reporting regimes, Refinement of accounting research methodology, Examining the role of accounting in equity valuation
Lundholm, Russell Financial statement analysis
Marshall, Guillermo Industrial Organization; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Competition policy
McCormick, S Thomas Combinatorial optimization, network flows, operations management, computational complexity
Mokak Teguia, Alberto Behavioral Finance; Institutional Investors; Liquidity; Heterogeneous Beliefs; Disclosure; OTC Markets
Nagarajan, Mahesh Supply chain management, applied game theory, inventory management
Nan, Ning Economics and business administration; Management information systems; blockchain governance; complex adaptive systems; digital business; evolvable information systems; Information Systems; Management; online community
Orr, Patrick Scott International Economics; Industrial Organization; applied microeconomics; applied econometrics; Economics of Crime
Ortiz Molina, Hernan Corporate finance and governance, executive compensations, industrial organization, interactions between real and financial decisions
Paat, Joseph Mathematical optimization; Programming in operational research (including linear and nonlinear programming); Mixed integer programming; Combinatorial optimization; Polyhedral Geometry; Convex optimization
Paluch, Rebecca Non-Traditional Employment Relationships; Corporate Alumni Programs; Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations; Work-Life Practices and Policies; Human Resource Management
Park, Jen Marketing; Judgment and Decision-Making; Framing & Context Effects; Digital Interfaces & Information Processing; Prosocial & Pro-environmental Behavior
Parra, Alvaro Innovation and Patent Policy; Industrial Organization; Microeconomic Theory; Applied Theory
Pikulina, Elena Institutional investors; Corporate finance; Experimental and behavioral finance
Qian, Yi Economics of Intellectual Property Rights; Counterfeiting and Brand Management; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Marketing Analytics
Rachapalli, Swapnika Management and trade; international trade; Innovation; Growth & Development
Raynard, Mia Industrial relations and work relations; Management and trade; Organization theory; Understanding Processes of Change in Fields, Professions, and Organizations; Managing Change in Emerging Economies; Dynamics and Succession Processes in Family Enterprises; CSR and Sustainability
Reilly, Patrick
Ries, John Economics and business administration; applied microeconomics; Economic Phenomena on a National or International Level; international business; international trade
Robinson, Sandra Industrial relations and work relations
Ryan, Christopher Operations & Logistics; Optimization (discrete and infinite-dimensional); Design (contract, market, information); Learning (statistical, organizational)
Sajjadiani, Sima Economics and business administration; Organizational behavior; Compensation and Incentives; Employee Selection; Employee Turnover; HR Analytics; Human Resources; Incentives Design; Machine Learning Applications in HRM; Organizational Behaviour; Strategic HR
Schulz, Martin Economics and business administration; Organizational behavior; Bureaucracies; Change and Persistence; decision making; Knowledge Relevance; Logics of Appropriateness and Consequences; Military Institutions; Obsolescence; Organizational Knowledge; Organizational learning; Organizational Routines; Organizational Rules; Rule Networks; Social Order
Seidel, Marc-David Economics and business administration; Organizational behavior; Discrimination and networks in the employment relationship; Distributed Trust Technologies (Blockchain, etc.); Early life factors role in later life workplace outcomes; Economic Systems; Entrepreneurship; Impacts of New Information Technologies; Life Cycles ( Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood, etc.); Media and Society; New Technology and Social Impacts; Organizational Theory; Social Networks; Social Organization and Political Systems; Social networks and organizational decision making; Social, Economical and Political Impacts of Innovations; Socio-Economic Conditions
Shechter, Steven Opertaions and logistics
Silver, David Ethics
Skarlicki, Daniel Organization Justice and Human Resource Management, retaliation and sabotage in the workplace, mindfulness and workplace performance, leadership
Skoulakis, Georgios Portfolio Choice; Asset Pricing; Computational Economics; Econometrics
Somerville, Tsur Housing markets, Real estate development, Real estate finance, Affordable housing, Economics of cities
Swanson, David Finance; Economics of Regulation; Political Economics; SEC; Securities Litigation
Tansey, James Ethics of new and emerging technologies, Emerging markets and institutions for carbon trading, Social determinants of health, GM crops and animals
van Jaarsveld, Danielle call centre management practices; employer-employee relations, Call centre management practices, employer-employee relationship, employment policy, labour market analysis, public sector collective bargaining, work and employment relations
Vercammen, James Market Analysis; Marketing and Distribution; R&D and Innovation; Sustainable Development; Supply and Demand Dynamics; food prices; agri-environmental contracts; agri-risk and insurance; commodity futures markets
Vertinsky, Ilan Boris Forestry, international trade, natural resource economics, trade, forest policy, softwood lumber agrerement, cross-cultural management
Vijayaraghavan, Rajesh Accounting and risk management in financial institutions, Disclosure, Corporate governance and performance measurement, Corporate Finance, Applications of machine learning
Wang, Yanwen Economics and business administration; Marketing; financial decision making; Public health; Public Policy; technology
White, Katherine Social influence, social marketing, sustainability, prosocial consumption, corporate social responsibility
Woo, Carson C Management information systems; Applications of block chain and artificial intelligence technology to business; Conceptual modeling; Information Systems; Information systems analysis and design; Philosophy of Design Science; Requirements engineering
Wu, Chunhua Structural Modeling; Internet Advertising; Social Networks; CRM
Yan, Julia Integer Programming, Optimization, Transportation, Operations Research
Yang, Bicheng Incentives, Salesforce Management, Advertising, Pricing
Yeung, Ira Voluntary Disclosure; Information Quality; Financial Institutions
Yu, Lingtao Economics and business administration; Organizational behavior; abusive supervision; Emotions; leadership and ethics; Management; mindfulness; workplace deviance
Zhang, Anming transport economics and policy; air cargo logistics, Transport economics and policy, air cargo logistics, industrial organization
Zhang, Jenny Li Accounting; Economics and business administration; Management information systems; Finance and Accounting; Financial reporting, corporate disclosure, restatements, pension
Zhang, Hao Stochastic games, dynamic principal-agent problems; Information asymmetry and incentive problems in operations management; Supply-chain management, revenue management; Partially observable Markov decision processes, machine learning, reinforcement learning
Zheng, Xin SEC Enforcement, Securities Litigation, Auditing, Fraud, Regulation, Financial Reporting
Zhou, Mi Management information systems; Economics of Digitization; Digital Media Products; Digital Marketing; Omnichannel Customer Behavior



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