Food and Eating Out

The many different cultures in Vancouver bring a huge variety of exciting food options. Whether you are cooking at home or eating out, there is something for everyone.

On campus

UBC Food Services provides many great facilities directly on campus to satisfy your hunger. A full list of locations and opening hours for all restaurants and eateries is available online.

In the U Boulevard area located on campus near the Alumni Centre, the Nest and the Aquatic Centre are several options including a great ice cream shop called Rain or Shine, Japanese udon noodles at Nori, Lebanese cuisine at Jamjar, tacos and burritos at Tacomio, and Pan-Asian fare at Bao Down.

University Marketplace

Additional places to eat are available in close proximity to campus in the University Marketplace, including several sushi places, a Chinese restaurant, and other Chinese fast food options. There are other fast food restaurants including Red Burrito, Subway, McDonald's, and A&W, as well as a food court in the lower level.

Eating in

Granville Island

Granville market is open every day from 9 AM to 7 PM and offers fresh produce including seafood, meat, fruit and vegetables and baked goods. It has a large range of other stalls too.

Large supermarket chains

Some supermarket chains in the city include Save-On-FoodsCanadian Superstore / No Frills, Walmart, Safeway, and Costco. Costco requires membership and you buy in bulk to make savings.

Grocery stores

There are several smaller or specialty grocery stores across the city. Some of the most common are Choices MarketEast End Food Co-op, Marketplace, Urban Fare, Kin's Farm Market and Nesters.

Eating out

There are restaurants and cafés to suit every budget in Vancouver (including several on campus). Tourism Vancouver provides a good database of places to try.

Even the top restaurants in Vancouver can be within your budget at least once a year. Dine Out Vancouver is an annual event allowing food lovers to eat out at specially reduced prices.



It is customary to tip your food server or bartender. The usual rate is 15% of the price of the meal or drinks.


Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies does not recommend any commercial enterprises but provides this list of local services for information only.