Biking in the City

Cycling is an easy way to get around the city and a popular method of transport in Vancouver. Before getting on your bike in BC, please be aware of the following:

  • British Columbia law requires every cyclist to wear a helmet
  • Your bicycle (bike) must have lights (front and back) if you are cycling after dark
  • You must obey the rules of the road
  • It is recommended that you use designated cycle routes

If you want to break up your journey (or want to take a break!) bicycles can be taken on public transport too. For more information see the TransLink website.

Cycle routes

Cycle routes in Vancouver include:

  • Designated cycle lanes
  • Traffic calmed streets
  • Routes with traffic light buttons (so you can control the traffic and turn safely)

Visit the Cycle Vancouver website and use their route planner to plot your route online or check out the Translink bike maps.

You can also pick up a free little city map from the UBC Transportation Planning or the UBC Bike Kitchen to take with you on your journey. The UBC School of Population and Public Health conducts interesting research on biking as well, e.g. bikeability in cities.

Maintaining your bike

The Bike Kitchen on campus provides tools you can borrow to repair your bike. You can also buy second-hand bikes here.


Bike theft is common in Vancouver. Help prevent your bike being stolen by investing in locks and being wary of where you leave it.

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