Social Life at UBC

Graduate students can expect a great social life at UBC.

Get Social!

The Graduate Student Society (GSS) hosts many social activities perfect for meeting other graduate students. Join others for nights out, hikes, workshops, social events, and more throughout the year. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet up with other grads, learn something new, see more of the city, and enjoy some time away from work. Visit the GSS Events page for a list of upcoming events.

Day of the Longboat

A great way to start the year at UBC, the Day of the Longboat is an annual canoe race. With 3,000 people competing, it’s the largest in North America. Find out more on the Longboat website.

Storm the Wall

Join students from across campus as they find a way (swimming, climbing, or running) over a twelve-foot wall. A legendary not to-be-missed event! Find out more on the Storm the Wall website.

See the events list on the UBC website to find out what is happening on a weekly basis.

Koerner's pub

Koerner's pub is run by the Graduate Student Society (GSS) and is open to anyone over 19. As well as drinking and food, they also offer free billiards, shuffle board, darts and Foosball. Sports fans can also enjoy watching the latest game on the big screen televisions.