Stasiuk Master's Research Fellowship


Likely March 2018

Annual Value

up to $10,000

Award Status



Permanent Resident

Degree Level


Stasiuk Master's Research Fellowship (up to $10,000, non-renewable), is awarded annually to a student writing a thesis on a Ukrainian or Ukrainian-Canadian topic in the area of education, history, law, humanities, arts, social sciences, or library sciences. Because funding is for thesis work only, all other degree requirements must be completed by the time the award is taken up. Students in non-thesis, course-based programs are not eligible.


Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be judged on a points system based on the thesis proposal, academic grades, letters of reference, and writing sample. Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada, who may hold the fellowship at any institution of higher learning, and foreign students enrolled at the University of Alberta, will receive extra points.

Further Information

Canadian Institute of Ukranian Studies has further information about the application process.


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