Gustave O. Arlt Award in the Humanities


Prospective nominees: Check with graduate program; Graduate program nomination deadline: Likely April 2022

Annual Value

$1,000, a certificate and reasonable travel expenses to attend the CGS annual meeting in December 2021


Permanent Resident

Degree Level


This award is named in the honor of Gustave O. Arlt (1895-1986) who was the first president of the Council of Graduate Schools, former faculty member and Dean of the Graduate School at UCLA, and a scholar of German language and literature. Since 1972, this award is made annually to recognize a young scholar who has written a book that represents an outstanding contribution to scholarship in the humanities. 

The 2021 field of competition: Linguistics and Philosophy.



  1. The recipient must have received the doctorate within seven years of the award, and currently teach at a US or Canadian university.

  2. The recipient must have received the degree at a US or Canadian university.

  3. The book being considered must have been published within seven years of the award. The book must have been written in or translated into English.

  4. The book must represent an outstanding contribution to scholarship in the field.

Important Guidance on Field Eligibility: Departments may submit a nomination that is interdisciplinary, so long as the book draws heavily from the methods and scholarship of the current year's field of competition (2021: Linguistics and Philosophy). Since CGS is not in a position to advise universities on the eligibility of particular works of scholarship, it is up to the nominator to determine whether the book sufficiently meets this criterion, and with the understanding that their nomination will be evaluated alongside other books in the field of competition.

Nomination Procedures

Each department can submit one nomination to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.  Nominations must be submitted by 1 April 2021 at 4:00 pm PST

A complete nomination will consist of:

  1. nomination form
  2. a letter from the Department Head elaborating upon the scholarly contribution made by the nominee’s book (no page limit)
  3. three copies of the nominated book

Nominations (#1 and #2 items above) are to be submitted via the graduate program's Workspace folder as a single PDF file using the naming convention ARLT_DEPT_Last-Name_First-Name.pdf (as an example, nomination file for Jane Smith from the English department would be named ARLT_ENGL_Smith_Jane.pdf). Please put the file directly into your G+PS Awards – DEPT folder.

Three copies of the nominated book will have to be submitted as hard copy to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office. Due to COVID-19, the G+PS office is currently closed to visitors.  If any graduate programs are interested in submitting a nomination, drop off of the nominated books to G+PS will be coordinated between the graduate program and G+PS.  The nominated books will not be returned.

Further Information

The Council of Graduate Schools website has more information about this award.

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