Resource Spotlight: International Evaluation Manual

G+PS provides an International Student Evaluation Manual (IEM) to university stakeholders for the purpose of graduate student admissions. Faculty members can use the IEM during admission evaluation and for recruitment support.

Country profiles provide information on each education system, grading scales, minimum admission requirements, first class standing, and much more. These can be used to quickly learn from where UBC receives most international applicants, where there may be opportunities for funding to pursue, explore mobility trends, and which faculty members have collaborations in which country.

Institution profiles can be used to find out which institutions are admissible, how many applicants are applying and admitted from each institution, and if an institution teaches in English and thus may qualify applicants from the institution for a language test waiver. Profiles may show ranking details of an institution, a geographical map, logos and campus images as well as UBC faculty with collaborations at the institution.