So long, Connect. Hello, Canvas!

As you’ve likely heard, Canvas has been chosen to replace Connect as UBC’s primary online learning management system. So far, UBC’s Learning Technology Environment Renewal Team has received very positive feedback about Canvas from the instructors and students who have tested it out, as well as good reports from other large research universities that have been using Canvas for several years. In addition to a clean, user-friendly interface, Canvas offers new teaching tools—such as SpeedGrader—and mobile functionality.

If this is the first you’re hearing of Canvas, there’s no need to panic—the transition from Connect will be taking place gradually over the next year. Each faculty has developed their own unique timeline and plan for moving to Canvas, so it’s recommend that you get in touch with your faculty’s Instructional Support Unit or the Learning Technology Hub if you’re not sure about when or how you’ll be making the switch to Canvas. If you’d like to get started building your courses in Canvas now, you may be interested in learning more about UBC’s Canvas soft launch.

You’ll likely find Canvas to be an improvement over Connect in terms of usability and functionality, but it’s worth noting that there are differences between the two systems and that there will be a learning curve. Canvas resources, training, and support are available to simplify the transition from Connect and help you get the most out of Canvas. Additional support can also be accessed under the Help menu in Canvas.

If you have any questions or comments about transitioning to or using Canvas, please reach out to your faculty’s Instructional Support Unit or the Canvas implementation team ( Or check out the Canvas FAQ!