New Doctoral Scholarships for International Students

UBC students. Photo credit: Paul Joseph/UBC Communications & Marketing

Top students have many options when choosing a graduate school, and funding packages can sway their choices. This year, we are pleased to announce several new or expanded scholarships for international students, to help you recruit the best candidates for your programs.

Edwin S.H. Leong CSC UBC PhD Scholarships and Edwin S.H. Leong CSC UBC Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Tai Hung Fai Charitable Foundation Limited (the Foundation), established by Dr. Edwin S.H. Leong, is partnering with the China Scholarship Council (CSC) to jointly fund six scholarships for PhD students and one fellowship for postdoctoral fellows at UBC. This opportunity is unique: CSC does not normally partner with a third party to leverage scholarship and fellowship funding.

To be eligible for an award, applicants must be citizens of the mainland of the People’s Republic of China, must receive CSC funding and must undertake research at UBC in the areas of health, natural sciences, natural resources, economics or business. The PhD scholarship will provide a stipend of $35,000 CDN per year for up to four years. The Postdoctoral Fellowship will provide $50,000 per year for up to three years.

Award recipients will be selected on the basis of academic excellence, research ability and potential, and leadership qualities.

Application/nomination details for the spring 2017 competition will be posted on the G+PS website shortly.

China Scholarship Council PhD Scholarships

Related to the opportunity above, UBC has a long history of partnership with the China Scholarship Council as a preferred host institution for CSC scholarship recipients. CSC offers scholarships of approximately $20,000 per year (plus tuition funding from UBC) for up to four years for UBC PhD students who are Chinese citizens. CSC also offers funding for postdoctoral fellows and visiting PhD students.

Application/nomination details for the spring 2017 competition will be updated shortly.

Science and Engineering Research Board, India (SERB) - UBC Scholarship

UBC welcomed the first three award recipients under this program in fall 2016 and we look forward to expanding the competition in 2017. SERB provides up to five scholarships per year to Indian citizens who are UBC PhD students in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Each scholarship provides four years of funding: a monthly living allowance of $2,000 (USD) plus funding by UBC to cover tuition costs.

Application/nomination details for the spring 2017 competition will be updated shortly.

University Doctoral Fellowship

The University Doctoral Fellowships will support approximately 35 new international students each year with a five-year funding package: $30,000 plus tuition for four years, and a minimum $18,000 funding package for the fifth year. By the fifth year of the program, 175 students will be receiving UDF funding at any given time..

Currently, forty percent of doctoral students at UBC are international. The University Doctoral Fellowships will substantially increase the funding options available to these students.

The deadline to nominate candidates for the first year of funding is January 27. Applications for next year’s round of fellowships will resume in fall 2017.

More information

More information to help you recruit top graduate students to UBC is available on the G+PS Faculty and Staff site.