Extension to Time Allowed for Degree Completion

UBC policies on Extensions

There is a five-year time limit for the completion of a master’s program and a six-year time limit for the completion of a doctoral program. If this time limit will be exceeded due to circumstances beyond the student’s control, the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies may allow the student additional time for completion of the degree program.


  1. Student discusses the possibility of an extension with his or her supervisor and graduate advisor.
  2. Program downloads the form “Request for Extension to Time Allowed for Degree Completion” from the Forms section of this website.
  3. Program fills out the form.
  4. Program attaches the following:
    • memo justifying the request for extension, including date of last supervisory committee meeting
    • written report from the last supervisory committee meeting
    • schedule (Extension Timeline) showing how the program will be completed in the extension period requested
  5. Student’s supervisor signs the form.
  6. Graduate advisor signs the form.
  7. Program sends the form and accompanying memos to G+PS.
  8. G+PS reviews the form and attached materials.
  9. G+PS updates the student’s academic record to show the extension period.
  10. G+PS notifies the student by letter (copy to program) that the extension has been approved.

Note: A Sample Extension Timeline is available on this website at Admin Resources & and Templates.