Research Assistantships in French and Hispanic Studies for MA/PhD Recruits

The graduate programs in French and Hispanic Studies at the University of British Columbia are now accepting applications for the 2021–2022 academic year. For more information on French and Hispanic graduate studies at UBC, please click on the following links:

French Studies

Hispanic Studies

We offer entrance scholarships, teaching assistantships, multi-year funding packages, tuition awards, and scholarship top-ups. Full-time PhD students are provided with a minimum funding package of $22,000 for each of their first four years.

In addition to this regular funding, several professors are currently open to hiring Research Assistants from the incoming graduate cohort. There is no separate procedure for applying to Research Assistantships, and positions as Research Assistants will only be granted to applicants who are accepted into the MA or PhD programs in French or Hispanic Studies. Applicants to the MA or PhD programs who are interested in working as Research Assistants on the following topics should indicate so in the “Statement of Interest” section of their application package, specifying which research project they are interested in, and why.

French Studies

“Uniting Voices: An Examination of Racially Minoritized French Speakers of Vancouver” (Marie-Ève Bouchard)

"Social imaginary, Representation and Ideology in France during the Revolution (1789-1799)" (Joël Castonguay-Bélanger)

"Flaubert’s Eastern Travels (1849-1851)" (Joël Castonguay-Bélanger)

"Narratives of the Fall: Contemporary Poetics of Ruin" (Vincent Gélinas-Lemaire)

"Literary Genre in the French-Speaking Middle Ages: From Manuscript Studies to Cognitive Theory" (Patrick Moran)

"15th-c. Universal Histories in French, between Tradition and Reinvention » (Anne Salamon)

Hispanic Studies

“Bridging Transatlantic and Transpacific Studies: The Keichō Embassy and its Textual Representations in the Hispanic World (17th and 21st Centuries)” (Kim Beauchesne)

Project on Sound Studies and Latin American Literature (title TBD) (Tamara Mitchell)

A position as Research Assistant is a great way to increase baseline graduate funding, discover and explore a field of research connected to your own interests under the supervision of an experienced scholar, and develop transferable skills in areas such as bibliographical investigation, digital humanities, linguistic field research, book history or paleography.

If you have any questions about our programs and research assistantships, do not hesitate to contact our graduate advisor, Dr. Patrick Moran, at

Reference Number

Please mention reference number GPS-55586 in all your correspondence about this Doctoral student position.


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