PhD Positions in the Wisnovsky Lab, UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences


The Wisnovsky Lab (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC) is inviting applications for multiple open PhD positions starting Fall 2022. Earlier start dates in 2022 (January or May) can also be accommodated if desired. 

Prof. Wisnovsky's lab studies the cell surface glycome, a dense network of sugar molecules that coats the surface of every living cell. The glycome plays a fundamental role in regulating the activity of our immune system, helping immune cells to distinguish normal, healthy cells from abnormal cells and invading pathogens. In diseases like cancer, the structure of the cell-surface glycome becomes profoundly altered, allowing tumour cells to escape immune detection. Our group applies cutting-edge CRISPR genomic screening technologies to better understand the complex genetic mechanisms that regulate these changes in cellular glycosylation. The overarching goal of our research is to identify druggable pathways that can be targeted to modulate the cell-surface glycome, generating new therapeutic options for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease. For more information about the group, please consult 

Wisnovsky lab trainees can expect to receive advanced training in molecular biology and immunology techniques as well in cutting-edge areas like high-throughput functional genomics and next-generation sequencing. We aim to equip trainees with the scientific, communication and leadership skills needed to achieve all their goals.  


The Wisnovsky Lab is housed in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Building, a quarter-million-square-foot, state-of-the-art learning and research facility in the heart of campus. Functional, striking and always thrumming with activity, the building is home to cutting-edge equipment, laboratories, and research spaces. Opened in 2012 the building has won numerous awards for its sustainable construction. 


Thesis-based PhD students in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences are eligible to receive a stipend. The stipend package normally includes a graduate teaching assistantship, a graduate research assistantship, and/or a scholarship. 

The minimum stipends for 2021-2022 academic year are: 

  • Domestic PhD student: $28,325 per annum, which includes a President’s Academic Excellence Initiative PhD Award ($825) 
  • International PhD student: $31,600 per annum, which includes an International Tuition Award ($3,200) and a President’s Academic Excellence Initiative PhD Award ($900 to each student whose tuition is not paid by an external sponsor) 


Interested applicants should contact Dr. Wisnovsky ( with a copy of their CV, undergraduate transcripts and contact information for at least two references. Depending on interest, they should also consult the UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD program application timeline and requirements at


Wisnovsky Lab – 

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC – 

Reference Number

Please mention reference number GPS-55319 in all your correspondence about this Doctoral student position.

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