Postdoctoral Research Fellow - SPECT/PET/CT Imaging

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in collaboration with the UBC Department of Physics is inviting applications for a position as a Postdoctoral Fellow at UBC’s In Vivo imaging Centre under the supervision of Prof. Urs Hafeli and Prof. Vesna Sossi. For more information, check out The successful candidate will take a lead role in managing the SPECT/PET/CT Imaging Centre, scanning mice and rats, processing imaging data, writing reports and discussing the results with the investigators from many different areas (including collaborators from outside UBC and small companies). You will also manage a senior animal technician who is responsible for the administration of radiopharmaceuticals by diverse methods (intravenous injections, oral gavage, inhalation, etc.). The candidate will have to take all the necessary safety courses (radiation safety, chemical safety, biological safety) and oversee the proper handling of techniques when working with graduate students and collaborators.

This is a 1-year position during the leave of the current manager of the imaging facility starting in August 2021.


  • This position requires a scientist within 5 years of completing their PhD in a biological, pharmaceutical, life sciences field or a related discipline, or within ten years of being awarded a M.D. or D.D.S. degree.
  • Training in handling rodents is essential, work with animals will take place daily. 
  • Strong communication skills and team-working ability are essential. 
  • An interest in managing an imaging facility, scheduling complicated procedures, and making possible studies that require sometimes longer hours is crucial.
  • Experience of working with radiation is a plus.
  • The successful candidate should be able to work independently and have a track record of success in delivering project outcomes. 


The PDF will

  • Run the SPECT/PET/CT scanner at the Centre of Comparative Medicine (CCM) which is the largest animal facility at UBC.
  • Supervise and provide direction to research personnel: students, and trainees as they operate the lab instruments.
  • Process, reconstruct and quantitatively analyze the SPECT and PET images (some will be analyzed by trained graduate students) with the software AMIDE and/or PMOD, and prepare the study results for collaborator reports, conference presentations and peer reviewed publications.
  • Communicate between the members of an interdisciplinary research team, including PIs in Pharmaceutical Sciences, at TRIUMF, Chemistry, Physics, graduate students, and animal technicians. There may be some contact with further stakeholders such as external collaborators, startup companies, BC Cancer etc.
  • Attend weekly meetings with the PIs, and also take part in the groups’ lab meeting.
  • Assist with drafts of manuscripts for publication.
  • Ensure ethical standards of research are followed.
  • Develop and implement strategies for dissemination of results.
  • Prepare presentations for scientific, professional and lay meetings and enhance the visibility of the laboratory.
  • Perform other lab related duties as needed.

Additional Desired Experience

  • Be able to prepare research budgets/invoices for researchers and laboratory finances.
  • Be responsible for monitoring the accuracy and completion of facility tasks.
  • Be experienced to schedule, coordinate, and monitor lab activities in a level-headed way.

How To Apply

Interested applicants should send their CV/resume and cover letter to Dr. Urs Hafeli at Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Desired start date: Beginning of August 2021
Duration: Fixed term 1 year / Temporary
Contract Type: Full Time

Reference Number

Please mention reference number GPS-55149 in all your correspondence about this Postdoctoral Fellow position.

This position will be supervised by

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