Postdoctoral Fellow, Experimental Dermatology


We are seeking a highly-motivated postdoctoral fellow with strong leadership ability and expertise in experimental dermatology. The successful applicant will work full-time under the supervision of Dr. David Granville, PhD for a two-year term with the possibility of extension. The position start date is flexible.


The postdoctoral fellow (PDF) will be involved in translational research investigating the pathophysiological roles of granzymes in the context of skin inflammation, injury, repair and/or other dermatologic conditions. Granzymes are a family of serine proteases with 5 members identified in humans. With the exception of Granzyme A and Granzyme B, very little is known about the other 3 proteases, providing many opportunities to carve out a niche for drug development, patents, and publications. The job is highly translational and well-suited for PDFs seeking greater involvement in taking basic bench research discoveries through to clinical application and potentially commercialization. Our research program spans basic biochemistry/molecular biology through to target validation, proof-of-concept in animal and human models, and collaborations with clinicians and industry. The PDF will be responsible for conceiving, designing and implementing studies to further elucidate mechanisms of disease through the use of in vitro and in vivo models. Dr. Granville’s laboratory has expertise in established mouse models of skin diseases related to aging, injury, inflammation, and impaired healing.


The Granville Laboratory is located within the University of British Columbia (UBC) International Collaboration for Repair Discoveries (ICORD) Centre at the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. More information on the Granville Laboratory can be found at The candidate will report to Dr. Granville directly and will play a senior leadership role in the laboratory that includes overseeing the research activities of graduate students, undergraduate students, and/or a technician.


  • Provide leadership, strategic direction, and translational research pertaining to granzymes in chronic and/or age-related skin diseases.
  • Design and implement research plans to investigate the pathological role of granzymes or other pathways.
  • Design and conduct animal experiments, including animal handling and breeding.
  • Conduct in vivo testing or characterization of small molecules, knockouts or antibodies in relevant animal models of dermatologic diseases.
  • Foster research collaborations and work jointly with academic, clinical, industry, and other partners.
  • Scientifically document lab experiments, data analysis, interpretations.
  • Write manuscripts, present results at internal and external meetings.
  • Identify funding opportunities and write provincial and national grant proposals with supervisor as a co-applicant.
  • Lead and mentor junior trainees in the laboratory


This is a senior research position that plays a critical role in the development of this novel field. PDF is accountable for the quality and integrity of the research and data, including analyses and interpretation, as well as the effective and efficient management of research projects and deliverables. This position requires innovation, strategic planning, and adaptability. Incorrect decisions or actions may damage the reputation of the laboratory, lead to loss of credibility in this field, and be financially costly.


The PDF will work with a high degree of independence and set priorities under broad directives from Dr. Granville. The PDF will be expected to provide direction and mentoring in the laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Granville. This position will also provide the candidate with a high level of exposure to translation, commercialization, and industry.


The PDF will be expected to provide mentorship and guidance to undergraduate and graduate students as required. The PDF will also have access to a technician.


  • The candidate should have a solid scientific and technical background with excellent written/oral communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • Ph.D. in experimental dermatology, immunology, molecular & cell biology, experimental pathology, experimental medicine, or similar discipline.
  • Applicants with experience and a strong track record with mouse models of dermatologic, autoimmune, aging-related and/or chronic disease are especially encouraged to apply.
  • A proven track record with a minimum of 2-3 first author publications in reputable journals.
  • Expertise and hands-on experience in animal studies, including all aspects of design, handling, breeding, tissue collection, histology, and analyses are essential.
  • Familiarity with testing/characterization of small molecule or antibodies in vivo is preferred.
  • Proficiency in cell culture, molecular biology, histology, and biochemistry techniques.
  • Previous biochemical/cell biology experience with proteases, protease activity assays, extracellular matrix/proteoglycan biology, immunology, histology is an asset
  • Experience with statistical analyses and scientific writing. Previous experience with grant writing is an asset.


Self-starter; Demanding of excellence; Attentive to details; Committed while able to maintain balance and perspective; Willing to make and learn from mistakes; Person of high integrity; Honest, trustworthy, positive, and respectful; Accountable; Flexible; Gets along well with others; Good listener, straightforward communicator, team builder; Capable of working independently and in teams; Comfortable with responsibility and uncertainty; Looking to build something of value; A good sense of humour, excellent interpersonal skills.

If you are interested in this position, please submit a cover letter and CV in PDF format to David Granville at The position will remain open until filled. UBC hires on the basis of merit and is strongly committed to equity and diversity within its community.

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Please mention reference number GPS-54932 in all your correspondence about this Postdoctoral Fellow position.

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