Postdoctoral Fellow | North Pacific Zooplankton Ecology

Seeking a PDF for the International Year of the Salmon (IYS - multi-nation initiative - working towards a vision of salmon and people being resilient in a changing world. All Pacific salmon are dependent on zooplankton resources for growth, health, and survival, consuming them both directly or indirectly via micronekton. The biomass, composition and distribution of zooplankton are therefore contributing factors in changing salmon productivity. We are seeking a PDF to investigate key aspects of zooplankton ecology in the North Pacific and develop zooplankton resources in support of salmon research, through the following sub-objectives:

  1. Multivariate analysis of the zooplankton communities for the winter 2019 and 2020 International year of the Salmon (IYS) expeditions ( in the Eastern Pacific, resolving spatial variability and its relationship to oceanographic features defined using physical, chemical, and satellite data. Zooplankton biomass and species level taxonomic analyses have already been completed and are immediately available.
  2. Consolidation, curation, and standardization of available historic data on zooplankton for the North Pacific, combining Canadian, US, Russian and Japanese sources, for analysis of long-term change in the North Pacific. Database consolidation will be supported by a UBC co-op student.
  3. Inter-comparison of core net sampling gears (Bongo Net vertical & oblique, MOCNESS, JUDAY) used by NPAFC member nations, using existing data sets from US, Canada, Japan and Russia; coordination of strategy for additional inter-comparisons among participating nations in 2021/22.

The PDF is expected to play a lead role in organizing the zooplankton sampling for the multi-ship IYS surveys across the entire North Pacific, expected to be conducted in 2022, and to participate in at least one of the expeditions; to interface with the IYS database development team in producing open access data products; to contribute to outreach activities communicating IYS research and findings.

Ideal qualifications: A PhD (completed by the time of appointment) in biological oceanography or related discipline. Expertise in multivariate analyses, handling of oceanographic data, and zooplankton ecology; field oceanography experience.

Technical skills required: Programming (R, MATLAB®, python), statistical analysis, analysis of multi-dimensional large data sets, data management, field oceanography techniques.


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Please mention reference number GPS-54874 in all your correspondence about this Postdoctoral Fellow position.

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