Fill open Master, PhD and Postdoc positions with the G+PS advertising service

In September 2020 Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS) launched a new service for the advertisement of faculty, graduate student, and postdoc positions through their websites (for graduate students and postdocs), and, if relevant, external career portals.

All faculty and staff are able to post any open positions at Student positions will be advertised on in the project directory and embedded into the G+PS researcher profiles. Postdoc positions will be advertised in the Postdoc Career Opportunities website.

If opted for in the posting, all faculty, student and postdoc posts will also be shared with external portals via system-to-system integration, requiring no additional work. These portals are included:

Note that this service is free of charge to users, and, in the case of Nature Careers, a considerable cost-savings given the usual US$699 minimum charge for individual ads. Please note that all positions must be posted through the G+PS F+S portal to enable this integration. This service is complementary to the UBC HR career website, and requires adherence to policy HR11 and all HR guidelines in the case of faculty positions.

As of June 2021 more than 200 positions have been promoted through this service. Here is what some of our users had to say:

“At SCARP we are very happy with the position advertising service offered by G+PS.  In early November we noticed that student interest in the PhD program seemed to be unusually low. We had received very few pre-application questionnaires to our PhD program. We then posted a short description of our call for PhD applications and we were amazed to see that the number of applicants jumped by a factor of 10! Most importantly, we have applicants from top universities in North America, and we are likely to have one of the most competitive pool of applicants in a while. Best of all, the system was easy to use. I would definitely recommend using this service.”

--Jordi Honey-Roses, Associate Professor, School of Community and Regional Planning

“I posted ads for two PhD positions on NatureJobs through G+PS and the quantity and quality of the applicants were significantly better compared to previous searches without NatureJob postings. I received over 40 applications out of which I interviewed 6 candidates. Eventually, I could pick and choose and successfully filled the two PhD positions. In addition, I identified a third candidate that, although he wasn’t a fit for the advertised positions, just starting working for me on a different project. So overall, that was a very positive experience and I can absolutely recommend it.”

--Sarah Hedtrich (Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences)

“The UBC G+PS portal is easy to use, allows tapping into otherwise expensive additional networks, and attracts some high-quality applicants, so it is worth using for your future trainee and postdoctoral fellow recruitment efforts.”

--Matthias Goerges, Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics

“The UBC employment advertising service was easy to access and provided significant help in our postdoc search.”

--Douglas Bryman, Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy

“We posted a Postdoc job opportunity on G+PS and NatureJobs in 2020 and received numerous applications.  We interviewed 3 excellent candidates and we have been able to fill the job opening. We would highly recommend posting on G+PS and NatureJobs to fill academic positions.”

--Joanne Matsubara, Professor, Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

“We submitted a Postdoc job posting on September 21st. By October 31st, we had received over 95 applications. From those applications 15-20 were excellent applicants. This sort of response wouldn’t have been achievable without the broadcasting of the position in Mendeley and Nature Careers.”

--Omar Herrera (Senior Program Manager, Mechanical Engineering), Walter Merida (Associate Dean, Applied Science)