Introduction to Statistical Concepts VI: Mixed Effects Models

Date & Time

Thursday, 17 March 2022
13:00 to 15:00



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Graduate Pathways to Success and The Applied Statistics and Data Science Group (ASDa)

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Monday, 7 March 2022 - 9:00am

This webinar is critical for understanding when linear regression models aren’t applicable and how to model dependent data. Topics that will be covered are:

  • consequences of ignoring dependence (increased risk of false conclusions)
  • repeated measures and other examples of dependent data
  • variance components
  • interpretation in the linear and generalized linear mixed effects context

Check out the video below for a teaser from a previous session:

This is the last workshop in a 6-part series focused on the foundations of statistics.

More on this series

Statistics is a scientific discipline that enables reaching meaningful conclusions from data. To produce reliable results, you need to justify the choice of the applied statistical methods and models as well as validate the underlying assumptions.

This webinar series provides an overview of foundational statistical concepts using examples of various data structures. We will discuss types of study designs, methods, models and appropriate application of statistical tests along with interpretations of the results obtained from different statistical tools. The aim is to equip the attendees with a deeper understanding of the key concepts of statistical methodology, rather than solving specific project problems or providing hands-on guidance.

Each webinar is a self-contained introduction to different statistical concepts, but as topics become increasingly complex with each consecutive webinar, some aspects will be built on concepts taught in the previous sessions. Hence, there is benefit in attending all the webinars.

If you are a graduate student and have questions about your specific project, please see ( to book a one-hour free statistical consultation.

About ASDA

The Applied Statistics and Data Science Group (ASDa) in the UBC Department of Statistics provides assistance in the statistical formulation of research questions, the design of experiments and sampling plans for surveys, the choice and explanation of statistical methodology, statistical computing and graphics, statistical analysis, the interpretation of findings, and more. ASDa also plays a role in continuing education on and off the UBC campus, giving seminars and workshops on statistical concepts and methodology to various departments, research groups and at teaching hospitals.


Biljana Jonoska Stojkova, PhD. Biljana has been a statistical consultant with ASDa since 2017. She completed her PhD in Statistics at SFU, where she focused on developing Bayesian algorithms. During her studies she held numerous teaching assistant positions in introductory and high-level statistical courses.

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