Small Talk IQ

Date & Time

Wednesday, 26 May 2021
09:30 to 12:30


Online via Zoom

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Graduate Pathways to Success

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Goodbye awkward silences and drawn-out discussions on rain. Hello best practices in conversational skills that can last you a lifetime.

Learn how to approach and engage your conversations in a way that builds value for you and your network. Improve your practice and Interpersonal IQ with this skills-booster, and leave with practical tips you can immediately use. Yes, you! This is a communication skill that anyone can learn and practice. 

In this 3-hour session, we’ll explore approaches that help strengthen your professional network and authentically build human connections. We’ll dive deeper into practical tips and share 4 communication modes you can practice in your next professional chat. Prepare yourself better for real-world small-talk opportunities that will serve you both as a person and in your career. 

This session’s learning outcomes are:
•    Discover Questions that build value in today’s small talk conversations
•    Design Conversational frameworks that help bridge and build human connection
•    How are you Listening? Learning the language of stakeholders: Awareness factors 
•    Listen for interest indicators, tonal cues and cultural considerations
•    Move the conversation forward, and how to better master the ask
•    Learn how to dial into each communication mode: Driver, Analyzer, Influencer and Stabilizer
•    Gain confidence in professional non-work talking time 
•    Build deep authenticity in your professional talk time 

This session is a work-session, so come prepared to pick-up real-world insight that will last you a lifetime, and have some fun at the same time.

Please note: Participation in the May 11th keynote is not required to attend this workshop.


As an educator, Rose Hastreiter is known for her energy and effective tactics-based approaches. She has instructed 25,000 professionals to date, and is ranked by national organizations as one of Canada’s top facilitators. Hosts for Lead Her Alliance Canada, as well as donates 20% of her time towards not-for-profit and social enterprise projects. She’s also the founder of LMG creative audio, a Canadian creative agency that provides audio for commercial TV and film projects.

Rose is also the founder of L3C. L3C helps professionals empower themselves with practical tactics and approaches in human-centered, principles-based project-management.  20+ years of project management and facilitation experience in various sectors. Her focus is on helping groups dial into the human factor in professional scenarios: Topic Specialties include: Communication, self-management, time management, professional project management, collaboration and change management.

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