PhDs Go Public, Event 3: Politics, Power, and Positionality

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Friday, 16 March 2018


UBC Robson Square, Room C400

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How can research into social justice contribute to the creation of a better future? Join us as seven scholars have seven minutes each to talk about how they hope their research about some of the most complex problems of our times will change the world.

Guest Speaker: 

Sam Sullivan, MLA Vancouver-False Creek; Mayor of Vancouver (2006-2009). 


Nina Ebner (Geography) investigates how processes of economic restructuring articulate with business practices, policy regimes, and migration patterns, to shape economic development and labor market participation on the US-Mexico border; 

Bronwyn Bragg (Geography) researches how immigrant status impacts access to services and supports for newcomers to Canada in increasingly diverse urban contexts characterized by inequality and austerity; 

Ketty Anyeko (Interdisciplinary Studies) works with local organizations in Uganda to focus on reparations and justice after wartime sexual violence, especially how women decide on whether or not to return to their rebel ‘husbands’; 

Barnini Bhattacharyya (Sauder) explores the invisibility of women’s labor in family owned firms and seeks to create community-driven resources to turn this labor into paid, and socially visible work; 

Alexander Held (Political Science) uses state-of-the-art quantitative techniques to see what mainstream political parties can do to win back voters who turned to populist parties and politicians; 

Jose Arias-Bustamante (Forestry) collaborates with Indigenous communities in Chile and Canada to explore land use rights issues and how they are impacted by climate change; 

Lindsay Cole (Interdisciplinary Studies) ) is working with the City of Vancouver to create and evaluate new methods of finding breakthrough and transformative solutions to some of the City's most complex and important problems. 

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