UBC Public Scholars Initiative

Date & Time

Monday, 30 March 2015


Thea Koerner House, GSS Ballroom, 6371 Crescent Road

Offered by

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Registration Closed / Past Event


There is a growing wave of interest at UBC (and elsewhere) in broadening our ideas of what doctoral education can encompass, especially to include more diverse and career-relevant forms of scholarship. In recognition of these new directions, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies is very pleased to announce a pilot support and funding initiative to assist students and their supervisors who are working, or want to work, on dissertation projects that extend beyond the traditional boundaries of academic scholarship. This may be relevant to you if:

  • you are engaged (or interested in engaging) with partners outside of the university on projects, ideas, problems or applications related to the public interest; or
  • you are (or are considering) applying or disseminating your scholarship to contexts such as NGOs, postsecondary classrooms, galleries, theatres, schools, community centers, hospitals, or industry; and
  • are working on (or thinking about) how to integrate such applied work into the fabric of the dissertation process, and are looking for scholarly community and funding support.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this initiative, please come to an upcoming information and discussion session on the pilot 'UBC Public Scholars' initiative for PhD students. We hope this will also be an occasion to share your own experience, challenges, aspirations, and opportunities in carrying out diverse forms of scholarship.